Enduro Points Updated

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Enduro points are updated on the Results page.  Gobbler Getter National results are also updated.


Gobbler Getter National Results Posted

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SETRA results for the Gobbler Getter National are posted on the Results page.

Volunteer Hare Scramble Preview

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Here’s a preview of the 2017 Volunteer Hare Scramble course presented by Slate Creek Motorsports.  We look forward to seeing you there!


Info on The Gobbler Getter

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Repost from @nepgenduro – KEY TIME CHANGE for the Gobbler Getter. The final round of the series on Nov 5th is time change weekend, so based on loosing an hour of daylight in the afternoon we are going to move key time to 8am Sunday morning. Please spread the word so no one is late to the start.


The two contending teams have arrived for battle. If you like offroad racing this is as good as it gets. With a NEPG championship on the line, come out this Sunday and watch Thad Duvall and Steward Baylor , along with a host of other of the country’s best Enduro riders, do battle in the Perry Mountain wilderness.  (Steward and Thad are 2 points apart).

The course is one of our best yet and features a nice mix of open and tight sections. The section lengths are as follows:

#1) 9.2
#2) 6.0
#3) 10.4
#4) 8.0 (Gas Stop and C-Cutoff)
#5) 7.6 (B-Cuttoff)
#6) 11.6

See y’all there!

Still Room at the Gobbler Getter

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Regulation 28″ width through the trees . . . .


Shoutout to all of the Perry Mountain MC club members who helped put the finishing touches on the Gobbler Getter this weekend. They made sure to “save some space” in a few places😉. It’s going to be a good one folks not to late to jump a late row and send it.

They’ve had a lot of questions about the waiting list and how the “lottery” functions. If you enter on the waiting list you will be entered into a “lottery” from which you will draw after the riders meeting for the no show spots. After all the no show spots are filled you will be placed on the next available 100+ row. They don’t plan on turning anyone away until they get around 600 at which point daylight becomes a factor (currently at 550).

Don’t miss this opportunity to experience one of the country’s most legendary events. See you there!

Rocky Mountain Race Gas Cards Showing Up

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RM Race Gas 2

SETRA members get a Rocky Mountain $10 “Race Gas” card when they join SETRA and every time they race.  Gas card lists have been submitted for New & Renewal memberships (in Aug, Sep & Oct) plus LBJ Enduro, Bootlegger Enduro and (just now) Battery Park Hare Scramble.   Cards from the August membership drive are showing up now and are redeemable when you check out with your Rocky Mountain purchase.  You can even combine cards at checkout.  Remember, when it shows up in your mailbox it’s not junk mail . . . . . it’s money!

SETRA HS Points Posted

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Hare Scramble year end points are posted on the Results page including workpoints.  Scores for Battery Park 1 have been updated to include SETRA only results including new and renewed members from the Battery Park race.