Steele Creek GNCC Scores Posted

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Scores are posted for Steele Creek GNCC.  Points and workpoints are updated through Steele Creek.

Weather Looking Great for Family Fun Ride

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Weather forecast for this weekend’s Family Fun Ride South of Milledgeville GA is looking perfect for camping Friday night and again for riding on Saturday.   The 8 mile woods loop is an easy family friendly loop with several single track optional sections for a more challenged rider.  KTM World and Alta Motors will bring their demonstration fleet of electric powered dirt bikes and Brett’s Cycle Barn will have a junior sized Torrot electric bike there for the smaller riders to try.  All will be available to riders registered for the Family Fun Ride so come see what the excitement is all about with in state-of-the-art e-bikes.


Come out, bring your junior / significant-other riders, ride fast or ride slow, check out the latest in e-bikes, fellowship with other SETRA members and support the FOCUS & Fragile Kids charity.  If you can’t attend consider making a donation to FOCUS & Fragile Kids directly to their website –

Workers Wanted for Steele Creek GNCC

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Anyone that would like to work Steele Creek GNCC for SETRA Hare Scramble Points, or if you would like to just help out at this race, contact Chris Doran, for instructions as to when, where, etc.  Chris will be there starting Thursday evening.  Any and all help is appreciated.  Steel Creek GNCC is next weekend, April 7-8.

Rocky Mountain Race Gas Program Changes

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Ivan Banga, Lane Ford, Chase Hayes, Tony Orfield, Rock Overstreet, Michael Overstreet.  If your name appears here please send your email address to  Rocky Mountain is no longer mailing Gas Cards for SETRA races.  Instead they have moved to a program that rewards with online credits.  If you would like to update or verify your email address with SETRA contact

Details in the Race Gas Program can be found here –  Lists have been submitted for over a dozen SETRA events so far this season, plus with NEPG submitting their own lists SETRA racers get back several times their membership fee in credits for Rocky Mountain merchandise and OEM parts from Honda, Husqvarna, Kawasaski, KTM, Suzuki and Yamaha.

RM Race Gas 2

The General GNCC Results Posted

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Results for The General GNCC are posted on the Hare Scramble Results page.  PM race is listed below the AM race.  Hare Scramble Points will be updated in the next few days.

Enduro Points Updated

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Enduro points have been updated to reflect tie scores at this year’s enduros. A tie score is where two riders in a class match minutes lost in a race without regard to tie-breaker seconds. Each rider is awarded the higher points with the next non-tied rider getting his normal points. For example, if two riders are tied for 2nd place each rider gets 75 points with the next (4th place) rider earning 65 points.
Like the Big Buck GNCC, hare scramble scores for The General GNCC will be posted within 24 hours of SETRA receiving results from GNCC.  Meanwhile, results from The General, and all the GNCCs, can be viewed HERE

Help Needed at The General GNCC

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Anyone that would like to work The General GNCC for SETRA Hare Scramble Points, or if you would like to just help out at this race, contact Chris Doran, for instructions as to when, where, etc.  The General is next weekend Mar 17-18.