Getting Ready for the Gobbler

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Only two short weeks until the 48th annual Gobbler Getter Enduro. The course is coming together nicely and PMMC thinks this year will be one to remember.  Pre-entries have been updated and are accurate. Please note the following reminders:

  • When sending in a pre-entry please be sure to fill out the ENTIRE form. The more information we have the faster we can get you signed up
  • When viewing the pre-entry sheet please make sure all of you information is present. If any of the fields beside your name are missing or incorrect please contact Phillip McMillan at 334-657-8344 as soon as possible with the information so we can get it corrected.
  • We will be using LiveLaps scoring system this year, there will be no mylar scorecards. Please note that if you do not already have a LiveLaps transponder sticker (same one used for NEPG) there will be a mandatory $15 one time fee.
  • Primitive camping will be available starting Friday 11/5
  • Key time is 8:00 am CENTRAL time.  Don’t forget the annual Fall time change!

Entry forms, row info, T-shirts and more can be found at


Interstate Shootout This Weekend

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This race is using the NEPG type sticker transponder for scoring so bring your helmet to sign up for verification or installation.  If you don’t have a transponder they are $10.  As an incentive to get signed up early and avoid the line, the first 50 riders to sign up will get a free Fly Racing lanyard.  Pro payout will be as follows, 1.$700, 2.$400, 3.$300, 4.$250, 5.$200, 6.$165, 7.$150, 8.$135, 9.$110, 10.$90.

The course is 9.3 miles.

It’s not to late to get signed up for the Fly Contingency Program and start earning Fly Bucks for this race and the races coming up.  Each Fly Buck is good for one US Dollar on anything in the Western Powersport catalog.

Enduro Results & Points Updated

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Results for Orange State Enduro are posted with an update in Enduro seasonal points (waiting on Orange State workpoints).  Check it out on the Results & Points page.

Little Brown Jug HS Date Change

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With Reindeer Run moving up a week Greenville Enduro Riders decided to move their Little Brown Jug HS up a week to SATURDAY Dec 10. Please make a note on your race calendars!

First SETRA HS Looking Great!

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The Interstate Shootout course coming up in 10 days is looking great with new trail added.  Have you ordered your Fly Racing gear for the contingency program?  See Contingency page for details.

There’s nothing like new trail to make racing interesting but don’t worry, after one lap it won’t be new anymore.  I’m already picking out passing lines (where I pull over and let the fast guys by).

Anyone wanting to work this event for SETRA points needs to contact Chris Doran at  He will have work days on Saturday and Sunday this coming weekend and also Friday, Saturday, and Sunday the weekend of the event.

Row Assignments for Orange State Enduro

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You can view row assignments for this weekend’s Orange State Enduro at

Get Your Fly Racing Gear in Time for Interstate Shootout Hare Scramble

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It’s time to be getting fired up for the second annual I-81 shootout and the first SETRA hare scramble of the 2016-2017 racing season.  With 12 hare scrambles on the calendar there’s LOTS of opportunity to earn Fly Racing points, but first you must purchase a set of 2017 Fly Racing gear and send in the contingency form (on the Contingency page).  A rider can easily end the season with a free set of gear.  It’s like being a factory racer!

This year’s hare scramble is in memory of Ken Hayes, a motorcycle icon in Eastern Tennessee and owner of Jim’s Motorcycles, as well as I-81 Motor Sports Park. He was at this race last year and really enjoyed talking with all of the riders and watching the epic battle between national champions Mike Brown and Grant Baylor. This years race should be even better with new trail and quite a bit more elevation change. The creek crossing and grass track will be in the course as well.