Hot Times at Season Opener

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Enduro racers were treated to a hot time at the 2016-2017 SETRA season opener Aug 28th in Hawthorne FL.  Big Scrub Trail Riders provided plenty of shade for pit parking, resets and trail on the twisty enduro course but no doubt the day was HOT.  A constant stiff and dry breeze swept the dust off the trail and kept humidity low until the rains came down for sections 4 & 5.  Section 6 was a swift 30 mph romp back to the finish where riders bench raced and drowned themselves in liquid refreshments.  A lie or two might have been told . . . .

Next stop is Little Brown Jug Enduro on Sep 4th.  See you there!

SETRA Banquet Photos Posted

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Photos from the 2016 SETRA Awards Banquet at Sunset Country Club in Sumter SC are posted on Facebook Photo Albums page and at this link



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SETRA membership form –

Why now? IT’S THE BEGINNING OF THE RACING SEASON! Plus for $35 you get –

Rocky Mountain Gas Card – Every SETRA Enduro racer receives a $10 gift card toward anything in the Rocky Mountain catalog, including closeout items. *PLUS* you can combine multiple gift cards toward a single purchase. ::up::
“One Day” members don’t get this benefit, only season members.

4 Enduros pays for a SETRA membership. One more Enduro and racer qualifies for year end award. EZ-PZ

What about Hare Scrambles? No promises but we’re working on that.

Fly Racing 2016-2017 Contingency – Simple. Buy a pant-jersey-glove set of 2017 gear, fill out the form, send in the receipt, go race. 1st place earns $25 in Fly Bucks, 2nd place not so much, etc. There’s 9 Enduros, 12 Hare Scrambles and 14 Mini-XC’s coming up. You do the math but that’s a BUNCH of Fly Bucks!
2016-2017 Registration Form is around the corner and will be similar to last year’s program.
Check out the details at

Fly Bucks – Separate from the contingency program, at the end of the year each award winner (Hare Scramble, Mini-XC and Enduro) earns certificates from Fly Racing good for anything in the Western Power Sports catalog. This is automatic – you don’t have to register or sign up for a program. It’s like free money!
Fly gear, helmets, boots, chains, sprockets, exhaust pipes, graphics, tires, pistons . . . . all the things you need. IT’S A BIG CATALOG!

I received $340 in Fly Bucks last year outside of the contingency program. What can you earn?

Best of all not riding the same old trail every week – Each race is new terrain. It might be sandy, it might be hard pack, it might be rocky, it might be flat, it might be hilly, BUT IT WON’T BE THE SAME!

Rider Rankings – Riders of similar age are grouped together then ranked into A-B-C groups. You can race your age group, race a younger group (if your ranking fits) or race a displacement class. *AND* you have until June 15, 2017 to qualify for the next age class. Example – if you’re 39 now but turning 40 by June 15 you can race in the 40 age group. SETRA has a class for every age and every skill level.

There’s 17 adult races coming up, 14 races if you’re a mini rider. Get some buddies together, pick and choose or ride them all. This weekend starts with the first Enduro.

See you at the races!

Lochloosa Row Info & Route Sheet

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Lochloosa row info and route sheet are posted!

Row Info –
Route Sheet –
(which of course is subject to change. )

Find out who your row mates are, who won’t be getting out of the way and who will be running you over.  And you can make a personalized cheat sheet from the row info.

Start hydrating now!

Enduro # 1 Aug 28 – Lochloosa!

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The course is dry and could use some rain to settle the dust. The course is one 28.5 mile loop that will be run twice for a total of 57 miles. Each loop will have 3 timed sections with the longest section just under 11 miles. The first 2 sections will be 24mph with the 3rd section at 30mph for each loop.  The race will be using the Start/Restart Format.

The course is under 60 miles to eliminate 4 miles of potential water issues should there be a heavy rain this week. The rest of the property is so dry it could get substantial rain and not have any issues.

Four strokes will need a header wrap.  All bikes will need a spark arrestor.

Gas Stop is back at camp. There will be an aux gas after the first 2 sections. It is approximately 100 yards from camp on a jeep road. The club will not be providing a trailer or truck for aux gas.

For more information see the flyer on the Events page then hook up with some buds and make the trek for some of Central Florida’s finest single track.

Enduro and Hare Scramble Rankings Updated

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Enduro rankings have been updated to reflect new SETRA rule ranking riders for their age eligibility for the 2016-2017 season.  The change aligns A-B-C class ratios with proper 25-40-35% percentages for riders becoming eligible for an older class.  However, a rider doesn’t need to race his age class but will need to consider ranking number when moving to the new class.  Example – a rider ranked in 30+C might not qualify for Displacement C depending on his ranking and cutoffs in the new class.

Hare Scramble rankings were updated removing non-SETRA members from the rankings.

Lochloosa Enduro Flyer Posted

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Race flyer for the Lochloosa Enduro on Aug 28 is posted on the SETRA Events page.  Directions to the event are posted on Events Directions page.  You can send these directions through Google Maps to your smartphone.