Orange State Enduro Flyer Posted

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The flyer for Orange State Enduro on Oct 1 is posted on the Calendar and Flyer pages.  Registrations will be through moto-tally  beginning on Sep 1 at 8pm.  This is an enduro with great trail where the rider will know it was an enduro.  Are you ready?

SETRA Schedule is Posted

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The SETRA Schedule for 2017-2018 racing season has been posted on the Calendar page.


After the table is a more traditional “Calendar view” that you can merge with your own calendar.  Try it!  GNCC dates in the Google “Calendar view” are not accurate. They’re only to fill in the gaps.

Rule Changes for Upcoming Season

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A complete listing of rule proposals and changes may be found in the 2017 Board Meeting Notes found on the SETRA Members page.  The paragraphs below are a review of the changes.

Enduro workpoints are reduced from 160 to 100 points.  Same conditions for achieving workpoints apply.

Enduros and Hare Scrambles will add bonus points (30 for enduro, 10 for hare scramble) for riders that compete 80% of the enduro or hare scramble schedule.  This is one race beyond the maximum number of races that count for points.  An extra 30/10 points at the end of a season can go a long way!

SETRA will begin using AMA rankings starting with 2017-2018 season with exception that SETRA ‘C’ ranked riders cannot advance directly to ‘A’ class.  Enduro and Hare Scramble rankings are combined into a single Off Road ranking by the AMA.  Riders can check their official AMA Ranking at the AMA Results Center.  Be sure to select ‘More Options’ first to narrow the search.  If a rider doesn’t have a SETRA or AMA ranking it is up to that rider to select a class they will be competitive in but not dominating.  For example, a rider that had been racing motocross ‘B’ class SHOULD NOT be starting enduro or hare scramble in ‘C’ class.  More details can be found on the Rankings pages.

A “12-14 Junior Enduro Class” was passed by SETRA to the enduro series. This class is for riders ages 12 to 14.  All Junior riders must be signed up with an assigned adult that will attend a special meeting with the promoter and ride and stay with the junior rider during the race at all times. Failure to do so will result in automatic disqualification. The “Junior” class will also be a SETRA points paying class.  There are no “A-B-C” sub-classes.

250cc four strokes may no longer run in 200cc displacement classes.  250cc machines, whether two or four stroke, must compete in their 250cc displacement class.

SETRA is still working on finishing touches of the schedule and will be posting soon!


Fly Contingency for 2017-2018 Season

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Fly Racing has been a tremendous supporter to SETRA’s riders.  Whether racers received Fly Bucks as part of their awards or participated in the contingency program SETRA racers received over $17,000 in Fly Bucks this past season.  Were you one of them?

With 7 enduros and 11 hare scrambles for the upcoming 2017-2018 racing season *NOW* is the time to sign up for the SETRA / Fly Contingency Program.  Simply buy a full set of racing gear, send in the form and go race!  Complete details are on the Contingency page.  Need to find a Fly Racing dealer?  Try their Locator page.

Lochloosa Cancelled, LBJ Update and Bootlegger Enduro

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Lochloosa conditions are such that Big Scrub Trail Riders would be unable to put on an Enduro that anyone would want to race.  Therefore the Lochloosa Enduro scheduled for August 27 has been cancelled.

SETRA has added a Junior Enduro class for riders age 12-14 on 85-250cc machines.  The Little Brown Jug flyer, now updated on the Calendar page, reflects this added class.

The Bootlegger Enduro is scheduled for September 24.  There is a flyer on the Calendar page.



Trophy Pickup at Banquet + Camping

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If you won’t be attending the 2017 SETRA Banquet it would help greatly to have someone pickup your awards.  We’re not equipped to ship trophies and lugging them to the first race is a big strain on our volunteers.  Any help our award winners can give is much appreciated!  Also, if you are camping at the SERMA clubhouse either Friday or Saturday evening remember to make a reservation with serma@ftc-i.net.

Ten Great Reasons to Attend SETRA Banquet

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There are no less than 10 great reasons to come to the SETRA Banquet on July 29.  # 1, of course, is to be recognized and pick up an award.  # 2 to attend the Membership Meeting Saturday at 2:00pm to have a voice in SETRA, # 3 Sumter Country Club has FANTASTIC food (really!), # 4 Support your fellow racers # 5 have great fellowship, golf, pool time, etc.  And if those aren’t enough here are FIVE MORE ACTIVITIES the family can enjoy while in Sumter.

Check this out – http://www.southeasterntraveler.com/blog/2017/07/5-reasons-to-visit-sumter-south-carolina-this-summer/

Your family can enjoy these activities on Sunday (or $1 movie Friday evening in historic opera house) or let them go while you’re hanging out at the meeting.  Put your Banquet Form in tomorrow’s mail and we’ll see you there.