racing results and points

Please review the final enduro scores. Contact the score keeper to report errors by Friday (11/29 at 11:59 PM). If you find errors in scoring please contact the SETRA enduro score keeper by email at: 

Enduro points through Alabama: Bonus points and drops have been included in the final two columns. 8 races are required to qualify for year end awards. Nine total count and 10 races are required for a 30 point bonus. If you received a DNF for an event but started the 1st timed section, this counts for the bonus points. I have no SETRA workers for 2019 Gobbler. If you worked this event and want points, please have Brad Belcher from Perry Mountain send me the info. Please review and email if you find errors.

Enduro Rankings: Please find the 2018-2019 SETRA Enduro ranking. The percentile ranking indicates your score (minutes dropped) relative to other riders. Each race is included as well as the averages. This is calculated not on your finish position or place, but on your relative dropped minutes for each event. For example, if your ranking is 10%, then your score (minutes dropped) was within 10% of the fastest rider of the day. Hence the order of listing ranks the riders from fastest to slowest and the absolute value of the ranking indicates how close you are to the fastest time. National enduro ranking were calculated through section 4. Other events were ranked for the full race. The final column has the most important data and is your average ranking removing outliers- best and worst race removed. At some point in the future, these ranking will be broken down in the displacement and age classifications and can be used for class determinations for the 2020 season.

Racing Results