The Sumter National Enduro is this Sunday, Feburary 2nd, 2020! This is co-sanctioned with NEPG (National Enduro Promoters Group). 

Please be sure to race in the correct class according to your SETRA enduro ranking. These are based on last seasons results and are used to promote riders who performed well in the past season to a new class for the 2020 season. Click on the button below to view your ranking. The rankings are also posted to the results page under 2018-2019 results. 

If you are racing in a different class at the Sumter National Enduro than your SETRA class you need to contact the enduro score keeper to make sure you get scored in the correct class. Email:

More details on the racing classes – most riders will remain in their existing classes. However, if you were promoted to a faster SETRA class you need to race this class at the National Enduro. This is important because at most National Enduros C class riders typically complete 4 race sections, B class riders complete 5 race sections, and A/AA/Pro riders complete 6 race sections. You need to ride the appropriate amount of sections for your class in order to be scored correctly for SETRA points.

Riders can switch their race class at the NEPG enduro rider check in the day of the event. You can also email the NEPG at with any questions about switching classes.