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Tragic loss of a SETRA family member.

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As many of you know, SETRA Treasurer Rick Holsomback passed away Sunday April 19th, while racing the national enduro in Tennessee. Rick was not only a dedicated officer of SETRA, he was a friend to all who knew him. Rick had a passion for racing motorcycles, especially enduros, and was an advocate for off-road racing as a sport. He will be greatly missed. The SETRA board and membership would like to express our condolences to the Holsomback family. Godspeed Rick.


Enduro Points Updated!

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Points have been updated through Alligator. Any problems contact the enduro scorekeeper.

Points and Results Updated!

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Points are now posted through Sandlapper. Also work points NOT RACE POINTS are posted for Alligator. Results are also posted for the Alligator Enduro. Results for alligator will be transferred to points in a week. Any problems contact the enduro scorekeeper asap via phone, text, or email.

Sandlapper Results

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Results for the Sandlapper Enduro have been posted on the Enduro Results tab. Points will be updated at the end of the week. Any questions or discrepancies can be forwarded to the enduro scorekeeper via email, text, or call.


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Season end totals, including dropped races, are complete and posted for Adult, Mini and Peewee racers.


Adult rankings and 2015-2016 assigned numbers are also posted.

Points Updated!

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The Enduro points have been updated through Cherokee. As usual please EMAIL, TEXT, or CALL me with problems as I don’t check the comments on the website often.