Outlaw Race at Battery Park January 10th!

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Ashley Brewer will be hosting an outlaw race at Battery Park on January 10th, 2015.

This is NOT a SETRA points paying event.

Races will be as follows:
Peewee – 11:00am
Entry: $20.00

Jr XC classes – 12:00pm
Entry: $20.00

Adults – 2:00pm
Entry: $25.00

Adult race will be 45 min with the following class options – A, B, C, and 40+

This is a “just for fun” event to give the kids the chance to do some extra racing, and the adults to have some fun as well. Come on out and have some fun!

Directions and other info can be found at http://batteryparkoffroad.com/

HRD Results and Points Posted

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All HRD results and points have been posted. Work points will be added tonight.


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Some misinformation was being passed around last night so I have called HRD and cleared up the misunderstandings.

1)There IS a 10$ gate fee Saturday. HRD is holding a mud bug event and charging 10$ to get in for the event.

2)If you would like to ride the MX tracks Saturday, you will pay a 10$ gate fee and an additional 10$ to ride the tracks.

3)If you arrive AFTER 5pm you will still pay a 10$ gate fee, but it will apply to Sunday. Please do not be discouraged from coming early and camping. Just arrive after 5pm. There is no “double gate fee” unless you arrive before 5 while the mud bog event is still happening.

4)You WILL be allowed to WALK the trail before the race. There, as always, will be no pre-riding. But walking it is okay.

Hopefully this clears up any confusion or frustration. See everyone Sunday for some great racing!

Little Brown Jug Pee Wee Trophies

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There were 2 Pee Wee class riders who did not receive awards at the Little Brown Jug Hare Scramble. The parents of these riders need to contact the Greenville Enduro Riders at info@greenvilleenduroriders.com to claim their awards, or you can submit a contact form on this website and we’ll put you in touch with them. The riders missing awards were Andrew Segars and Elijah Jennings.

Don Lilley Memorial HS Reschedule Date

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The Don Lilley Memorial race has been rescheduled to February 22nd 20015. The Event schedule has been updated to reflect and a new flyer will be posted as soon as it is available.

Attention SE&TRA Members

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On December 7th 2014 Kim Watson, SETRA secretary, was in a severe wreck while practicing. At this point all that is known is he injured his neck, and as of right now has little to no movement or feeling in body from his shoulders down. He is at Augusta hospital awaiting surgery at the end of the week. Any questions or comments concerning his duties as secretary can be forwarded to me Heath Lee (info on contact page) and I’ll make sure it gets taken care of.