The hare scramble rankings are listed below. You can use the spreadsheet to look up your ranking by your name or ranking. On the 3rd tab of the spreadsheet there is an explanation of how the ranking ranges work. You can use this to determine what classes you can ride. Thank you for the patience.

Hare Scramble results will be posted through out the year. Click the button to visit the results page.

Racing Throw-outs 

We posted about throwouts earlier this year. But in case you missed it continue reading to understand how the throwouts affect points in the series.

There is currently 13 enduros and 17 hare scrambles in the 2018-2019 season. We use a percentage of total racing events to determine the number throw outs. Minimum to qualify for series points is 60%, total runs counted towards year end points is 70%, and Race Bonus is 80%.

What is a throw out? Throw outs are extra runs that don’t count towards series points. It allows riders to miss events if they have a family event to attend. Or if you have a bad race you can replace that low score with a better finish by using the throw out.

Why do we use percentages?

During a racing season there is often a change due to inclement weather or some other unforeseen conflicts. Using percentages allows the number of throw-outs to adjust with the changes in total race runs.

What does this mean for you?

Just be aware if there is a change made to schedule. We will always announce any changes made to schedule and explain how this affects throw-outs. For example: if we lose a race due to extremely bad weather, then you may need less race runs to qualify for year end points. Takes this into account if you want to race a full series.

Use the chart: 1. Find the total number of race runs. 2. Look at the corresponding point categories. 3. Compare the difference between the total races in a season and the number of runs needed for qualifying, year end points, and bonus.