Updated Enduro Scorekeeper

SETRA is appreciative of your patience and we apologize for the delay in scoring. Unfortunately we had to find a new individual to take over the role of scorekeeper. Scorekeeper is challenging and time consuming role. Additionally, SETRA is run completely on volunteer effort, so this was not an easy position to fill.

Our new Enduro scorekeeper is still getting acquainted with the position and has been working hard to get all the Enduro scoring caught up.

Scores are updated through Eagles Nest! Please be sure to read the message listed below from the new scorekeeper:

1. Please check the “Unknown Class” table. If your name appears in this table:
-You have raced 2 different classes this year
-You have raced 60+ and I need to know if that is A, B, or C,
-Your first and last name is very much like someone else’s, which mixes up your scores. This seems to be most common with son’s who have the same name as their dad.
-If your score is important to you, please let me know what class you are racing or if your score is mixed up with someone else with a similar name.

2. Please review the “Enduro Scores” table.
-If you do not see your competitor in your class, check the “Unknown Class” table. It is possible that racers will get their scoring straighten out and I will post them back in your class.
-I have work points for Jug, Bootlegger, and Sumter. If you worked a race other than those, please get someone in the promoting club to send me worker information.

If you have issues with your scoring, let me know – SETRAEnduroScorer@gmail.com. If I get a few issues to address, we will be good.

Enduro Scorekeeper

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