Interstate Shootout Saturday Signup

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There will be a sign up session for the Interstate Shootout Hare Scramble on Saturday from 6-8 PM.  Please note that Victory Sports will be hosting a motocross race at the same location on Saturday night as part of their Hot Summer Nights series. They will have a separate gate from the hare scramble and their motocross gate fee is $10 for adults.  They will have their gate open on Saturday from 12 noon until 8 PM.  If you wish to watch or participate in this race and / or park down by the concessions in the lower field,  you will have to pay their fee to enter.  If you do not want see the mx race, and arrive during the hours that their gate is open, you will have to pay the $10.  If you don’t want to go to the mx race you can park in the upper field and only pay the hare scramble gate fee.  The MX promoter has agreed to have a ‘bark buster’ class for any hare scramble riders that would like to race motocross on Saturday night.

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