Info on The Gobbler Getter

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Repost from @nepgenduro – KEY TIME CHANGE for the Gobbler Getter. The final round of the series on Nov 5th is time change weekend, so based on loosing an hour of daylight in the afternoon we are going to move key time to 8am Sunday morning. Please spread the word so no one is late to the start.


The two contending teams have arrived for battle. If you like offroad racing this is as good as it gets. With a NEPG championship on the line, come out this Sunday and watch Thad Duvall and Steward Baylor , along with a host of other of the country’s best Enduro riders, do battle in the Perry Mountain wilderness.  (Steward and Thad are 2 points apart).

The course is one of our best yet and features a nice mix of open and tight sections. The section lengths are as follows:

#1) 9.2
#2) 6.0
#3) 10.4
#4) 8.0 (Gas Stop and C-Cutoff)
#5) 7.6 (B-Cuttoff)
#6) 11.6

See y’all there!

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