Last Season’s Trophies & Fly Bucks

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Just a reminder . . . .  2016-2017 season year end awards will be at Battle at Battery Park Hare Scramble this coming weekend Oct 14-15.  Trophies not picked up will be brought to  Gobbler Getter National Enduro the weekend of Nov 5thTHIS WILL BE THE FINAL OPPORTUNITY FOR TROPHY PICKUP.  After Gobbler Getter any leftover trophies will be forfeited and disposed of.  Sorry!

Be reminded that Fly Buck certificates expire Dec 31!  If you are on this list, or know someone on this list, please have them pick up their season trophy at Battle of Battery Park Hare Scramble Oct 14-15 or Gobbler Getter National Nov 4-5.

2016 – Thomas Best (jacket), Ryan Moore, Casey Nelson

Enduro – Ron Commo III, Mark Kelly, Ryan Overton, Connor Potts, Greg Sassaman

Hare Scrambles – Thomas Alberti, John Cardozo, Dalton Cline, Jade Holleman, Caroline Hopper, Alex Johnson (jacket), Skip (Don) Miller, Craig Oberholzer, Keith O’Toole, Joe Owens, Noah Proffitt, Russ Stanley (jacket), Allan Tuttle, Corbin Rabon

Contact cbob at cbr46 at yahoo for pickup details.

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