Rankings Rule Changes Announced

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After much debate and consideration for it’s members, the SETRA Board and Officers passed the following rules for the upcoming season:

1) Repeal using the AMA ranking system as the ranking system of the 2017-2018 series.

2) Return to the original SETRA ranking system with the addition of 2 other rules stating that: A.) No member may advance or demote more than 1 ranking level from one
season to the next AND B.) Members racing 60% or more of either NEPG or GNCC
national events before the first scheduled SETRA event may use their
AMA ranking in SETRA Enduro and Hare Scramble events.  If a member is
racing in a NEPG or GNCC class that doesn’t contribute toward AMA
advancement points,(eg 60+ class, no a,b,c), that member will ride
their SETRA Ranking.

These proposals let local racers stay in their National class for
the remainder of the National season and their AMA ranking for the
entire SETRA season, therefore, not moving a rider up too fast, so as to not
be competitive on the national level.  By having the SETRA ranking
system we maintain control of our riders ranking.  Any protest of a
ranking can be handled by a competition committee that consists of the
vice president of enduro or hare scrambles, depending which series,
and 4 board members chosen by them, not to include any board member
racing in the protested class.

2 thoughts on “Rankings Rule Changes Announced

    Gary said:
    September 16, 2017 at 9:07 am

    I’m interested in competing Enduro and/or Hare Scrambles.
    Last time I competed off-road was 80’s.
    Where can I find rules online.
    What class would I be in for my first ride?

    I’m now 59 & ride a KTM 450 exc

      cbob responded:
      September 16, 2017 at 9:29 pm

      By rule you should race the last class you competed in, but to be practical if you haven’t been riding since the 80’s you might start out in the lower class (55+B). If you will be 60 before June 15, 2018 then you qualify for 60+ class (A or B). To be fair, get a race in and judge your performance then.
      There’s a downloadable rulebook on the SETRA website https://setra.org/rule-books/ 2014-2015 is the latest official rulebook. There are updates on GeorgiaOffRoad.com – Search for “Race Calendar & Rule Changes” in the search engine. If you have more questions drop me an email at cbr46@yahoo.com BTW – Welcome back!

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