Rule Changes for Upcoming Season

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A complete listing of rule proposals and changes may be found in the 2017 Board Meeting Notes found on the SETRA Members page.  The paragraphs below are a review of the changes.

Enduro workpoints are reduced from 160 to 100 points.  Same conditions for achieving workpoints apply.

Enduros and Hare Scrambles will add bonus points (30 for enduro, 10 for hare scramble) for riders that compete 80% of the enduro or hare scramble schedule.  This is one race beyond the maximum number of races that count for points.  An extra 30/10 points at the end of a season can go a long way!

SETRA will begin using AMA rankings starting with 2017-2018 season with exception that SETRA ‘C’ ranked riders cannot advance directly to ‘A’ class.  Enduro and Hare Scramble rankings are combined into a single Off Road ranking by the AMA.  Riders can check their official AMA Ranking at the AMA Results Center.  Be sure to select ‘More Options’ first to narrow the search.  If a rider doesn’t have a SETRA or AMA ranking it is up to that rider to select a class they will be competitive in but not dominating.  For example, a rider that had been racing motocross ‘B’ class SHOULD NOT be starting enduro or hare scramble in ‘C’ class.  More details can be found on the Rankings pages.

A “12-14 Junior Enduro Class” was passed by SETRA to the enduro series. This class is for riders ages 12 to 14.  All Junior riders must be signed up with an assigned adult that will attend a special meeting with the promoter and ride and stay with the junior rider during the race at all times. Failure to do so will result in automatic disqualification. The “Junior” class will also be a SETRA points paying class.  There are no “A-B-C” sub-classes.

250cc four strokes may no longer run in 200cc displacement classes.  250cc machines, whether two or four stroke, must compete in their 250cc displacement class.

SETRA is still working on finishing touches of the schedule and will be posting soon!


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