Enduro Points Updated, One Race to Go!

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2017 Cherokee Enduro Trail 1

Cherokee trail is pristine and ready for this weekend’s National Enduro.

Enduro points for 2016-2017 season are updated and viewable on the Results page.  Workpoints are current through this weekend’s Bootlegger Enduro.  With one race to go there’s still time to qualify for end of year awards, move up a position, defend a position or even win a class.  That one race is this weekend, the Cherokee National, where there’s an open row waiting with your name on it.  The forecast looks great, trail conditions are perfect and this will be the last race until late August.  Approx section lengths for Cherokee are #1 5.5-Miles, #2 6-Miles, #3 6.5-Miles, #4 12-Miles, #5 11.5-Miles, #6 9-Miles.  Word from the club is section 3 is about 50% new trail and more new stuff in section 5.  As usual, A classes ride the full length while other classes ride a shorter route (usually 4 for C, 5 for B).  See you at the National!

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