Two Races To Go

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As the season winds down two races remain on the SETRA Calendar.  Bootlegger and Cherokee National enduros.

Bootlegger Trail 1

Helpful members of the Unifour Trail Bike Club point the way off the beach at Bootlegger Enduro on May 28.

Don’t miss the Bootlegger Enduro coming this Memorial Day Weekend on May 28.  There’s approx 30 trail miles with short transfer sections that vary from some tight, technical trails to flowing woods trails to open hare scramble trail to an abandoned railroad section that’s been re-worked to ease crossing.  There’s even a short beach section to mix things up.  The pit / campground is accessible between most sections.  Concessions provided by the North Wilkesboro Jaycees will be available on Sunday.  Like the National Enduros, trophies will be mailed so riders don’t have to wait for trophies.  It is strongly suggested, however, that all riders make sure their score is posted before heading home.
The following weekend after Bootlegger is the Cherokee National Enduro on June 4th.  ‘A’ riders ride all sections, ‘B’ riders ride one less and ‘C’ riders, older classes and women ride 2 less sections than the full length making for an easy trail ride.
Memberships that are new or renewed for these races are valid throughout the upcoming 2017-2018 racing season.  It’s recommended to join / renew at the race to avoid mail and processing delays.
See you at the races!

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