Special Considerations for Eagles Nest Enduro

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For everyone taking part in the Eagles Nest Enduros & ISDE Qualifiers this upcoming weekend, here’s a brief explanation of the Qualifier scoring method being used.

Not many riders will have experience with this format. The modern enduro mindset of “go fast until they tell you to stop” isn’t a good strategy (especially for those riding both days). You only need to go fast 6-times each day (approximately 30.8 miles each day).  FTR riders race Saturday and Sunday in individual enduros.  SETRA riders race Sunday only.

Some key points:
– There won’t be any “points lost”, it’s all based on elapsed time. Special tests only.
– Special tests don’t have an “ideal” arrival time. It’s purely the quickest time on the special tests (elapsed time).
– No fender cards used. All electronic
– 3 special tests per loop, and 2 loops (for a total of 6 special tests each day).
– 3 riders per row. Special test sections will have one rider leaving every 20 seconds. All other sections three riders will leave together.

Additionally, note that clocks at the special test will be “time of day”, not row due time or flip cards. The clocks at the known controls will be flip cards time. That is row 20 will show 9:20:00 when row 20 should be released from the know control.

Row information for Sunday is at http://www.moto-tally.com/FTR/Enduro/StartingGrid.aspx?EY=2016&EID=7 .  The first 40 rows are reserved for Letter of Intent Qualifier riders.

DON’T MISS THE 8:15am RIDERS MEETING!  All riders are strongly encouraged to attend. There WILL be useful information disseminated.

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