Getting Ready for the Gobbler

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Only two short weeks until the 48th annual Gobbler Getter Enduro. The course is coming together nicely and PMMC thinks this year will be one to remember.  Pre-entries have been updated and are accurate. Please note the following reminders:

  • When sending in a pre-entry please be sure to fill out the ENTIRE form. The more information we have the faster we can get you signed up
  • When viewing the pre-entry sheet please make sure all of you information is present. If any of the fields beside your name are missing or incorrect please contact Phillip McMillan at 334-657-8344 as soon as possible with the information so we can get it corrected.
  • We will be using LiveLaps scoring system this year, there will be no mylar scorecards. Please note that if you do not already have a LiveLaps transponder sticker (same one used for NEPG) there will be a mandatory $15 one time fee.
  • Primitive camping will be available starting Friday 11/5
  • Key time is 8:00 am CENTRAL time.  Don’t forget the annual Fall time change!

Entry forms, row info, T-shirts and more can be found at


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