Enduro # 1 Aug 28 – Lochloosa!

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The course is dry and could use some rain to settle the dust. The course is one 28.5 mile loop that will be run twice for a total of 57 miles. Each loop will have 3 timed sections with the longest section just under 11 miles. The first 2 sections will be 24mph with the 3rd section at 30mph for each loop.  The race will be using the Start/Restart Format.

The course is under 60 miles to eliminate 4 miles of potential water issues should there be a heavy rain this week. The rest of the property is so dry it could get substantial rain and not have any issues.

Four strokes will need a header wrap.  All bikes will need a spark arrestor.

Gas Stop is back at camp. There will be an aux gas after the first 2 sections. It is approximately 100 yards from camp on a jeep road. The club will not be providing a trailer or truck for aux gas.

For more information see the flyer on the Events page then hook up with some buds and make the trek for some of Central Florida’s finest single track.

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