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Some misinformation was being passed around last night so I have called HRD and cleared up the misunderstandings.

1)There IS a 10$ gate fee Saturday. HRD is holding a mud bug event and charging 10$ to get in for the event.

2)If you would like to ride the MX tracks Saturday, you will pay a 10$ gate fee and an additional 10$ to ride the tracks.

3)If you arrive AFTER 5pm you will still pay a 10$ gate fee, but it will apply to Sunday. Please do not be discouraged from coming early and camping. Just arrive after 5pm. There is no “double gate fee” unless you arrive before 5 while the mud bog event is still happening.

4)You WILL be allowed to WALK the trail before the race. There, as always, will be no pre-riding. But walking it is okay.

Hopefully this clears up any confusion or frustration. See everyone Sunday for some great racing!

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